Pluto Gets the Paper : Bubble Gum

A Pluto Cartoon

Release Date : January 5, 1999

Running Time : 1:30


Mickey sends Pluto out to fetch the newspaper, who has to fight with a discarded piece of bubble gum to retrieve it.


Mickey Mouse


William Speers
Elizabeth Stonecipher
Steven James Taylor
Art Director
Mike Moon
Executive Producers / Directors
Tony Craig
Robert Gannaway
Melinda Rediger
Storyboard Supervisor
Rick Schneider
Story Editor
Kevin Campbell
Paul Fisher
Dialogue Director
Jamie Thomason
Director of Layout
Riccardo Durante
Background Supervisor
Ian Hastings
Effects Supervisor
Bob Gowan
Dan Turner
Digital Ink and Paint Supervisor
Mike Polito


United States
The Rescuers


Mickeys Spassfabrik
Walt Disney's Rigolons avec Mickey
United Kingdom
Walt Disney's Laugh Factory with Mickey


Mickey Mouse Works: Season 2 - Episode 4
House of Mouse: Season 3 - Episode 6

Technical Specification


From Patrick Malone : A promising start. It's good to see Pluto finally back and doing what he does best (i.e. getting stuck in things.) But hopefully they won't get stuck in the same rut as before with Mickey not given much to do except watch the other characters' actions.
From Rich Bellacera : The Pluto short was cute, though, IMHO far too short. The art was very nice, but much brighter than the older shorts I'm sure we're going to be comparing them to. The plot seemed very reminiscent of Pluto's older roles, thus apparently keeping with the tradition of them. It's brevity gave it the feel of an animated comic strip. I certainly hope we get longer Pluto shorts in the future. (Is wanting longer shorts an oxymoron?).
From Joe Klemm : Obviously a running sketch on the show. The big question here is if this part of the show will be able to get good reviews despite the fact the plot is the same in each one.
From John Renard : I laughed my tail off. Yes, it was reminiscent of that one one where Pluto, well, gets the paper. But there is so much to do here. I can't wait for more of these.
From Juan F. Lara : One of "MouseWorks's" recurring series, where the staff gets to think of more messes for Pluto to get into. His entanglement in the gum here could've happened to him in his classic shorts. So the premise didn't catch my interest. But I still could enjoy the animation for Pluto. Pluto looked like he had mass. He moved smoothly and consistently when he got the gum around him, and didn't get too distorted. I also smiled when the gopher appeared. Hey I support any excuse to work a rodent into a cartoon. This short worked as an exercise in staging an old gag. (The colors looked washed out and shiny though, making the cartoon look plastic.)
From Tom : "Pluto gets the paper" is obviously a running gag on the show. This cartoon was an interesting novelty, but only a novelty. A running gag can only run forever if the subject is full of potential. This subject doesn't strike me as being full of potential. So, good for now, but the rest of the series could be real yawners. What Disney have to do is make sure something very different happens to Pluto every time.
From Lee Suggs : This is a fun short that shows Pluto's tendency to get into trouble just by trying to do his job. Pluto's expression, and body movement, when the gum reverses itself is priceless.
From Baruch Weiss : This short's ok but it's not as good as earlier shorts.
From Billy Joe : Even though it is not great like the older shorts, this one is still a fun short. Pluto is of course funny trying to get Mickey's newspaper being stuck in bubble gum. If you find the VHS Masterpiece edition of The Rescuers and decide to watch it, this short is on that tape.