Mickey's Airplane Kit

A Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Release Date : May 15, 1999


Mickey orders a do-it-yourself airplane kit as a special surprise for a date with Minnie. Rushed for time, he ignores the instructions and pays a bitter price when the plane falls apart during their date.


Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse



Mickeys Spassfabrik
Walt Disney's Rigolons avec Mickey
United Kingdom
Walt Disney's Laugh Factory with Mickey


Mickey Mouse Works: Season 1 - Episode 3
House of Mouse: Season 3 - Episode 9

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From Jon Cooke : This could also be called Plane Crazy 1999. Mickey decides that flowers aren't enough to give to Minnie so he orders an Ajax do-it-yourself airplane kit. (Ajax seems to be MouseWork's answer to Acme in WB cartoons). The Ajax delivery man (who plays a very minor role) looks an awful lot like the lizard from "Alice in Wonderland". I really liked it, thought it was very enjoyable.
From Juan F. Lara : I went "Uh oh" when Minnie in a valentine appeared calling about their date. Just like in Mickey's New Car from the Valentine's Day preview. Later on, the jokes came from Mickey losing control of the plane. Similar to Mickey's troubles with his new car. This short seemed to be a second example of a formula established by "New Car". I thought Mickey's New Car was much better... I similarly winced at all the talk about following the instructions. That hammered theme made the short feel like an FCC-friendly short. The plot's resolution came from the instructions, and when Minnie revealed it it made the premise seem really stupid. Just before Minnie first appeared though Mickey had that scene about making his lunch. Now I liked the direction and the pacing of that gag, with its closeups and pauses. I likewise liked the deliverymen's gags. That scene was my favorite part of the short because we got to see more furries from Mickey's world (well, more scalies and featheries). I especially laughed at the fish. Plane Crazy is of course one of Mickey and Minnie's most famous shorts. So the "Mouseworks" series has to have a short with Mickey and Minnie in a plane then, right?..."Mickey's New Plane" sure didn't add anything new to Plane Crazys premise.
From Davey Gonterman : I finally got to see this episode. If this is the 90's Plane Crazy I'd really like to see what they'd do with Steamboat Willie. Damage to Minnie: Two Skydives, without a parachute on the first, and with a makeshift one with those instructions on the other (Since they're so darn hard to refold correctly, might as well put them to use), nearly throws up on camera like someone who rode the Teacups too fast after lunch, nearly loses her voice as well as her stomach, and almost plots the death of her boyfriend until Mickey saves his tail with some flowers.
From Patrick J. Kelley : I think it is a great cartoon. I love the way Mickey gives Minnie flowers and she kisses Mickey.
From Billy Joe : This decent cartoon seems to pay homage to the first Mickey Mouse cartoon Plane Crazy. I thought it was funny when Mickey and Minnie flew in an airplane for display use only. Also, Mickey thought Minnie would be tired of him giving her flowers. Guess what? She never does.

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