Mickey's Mistake

A Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Release Date : May 22, 1999


Mickey finds a wad o' money and buys Minnie an expensive hair bow. Then he finds out the money belonged to the orphans and goes through many disguises in his efforts to get the hair bow back from Minnie so he can get the money back to the orphans.


Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse



Mickey Mouse Works: Season 1 - Episode 4
House of Mouse: Season 1 - Episode 6

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From Patrick Malone : Another standard "Mickey" short, with a little bit of absurdity thrown in. A little bit of pathos thrown in for good measure, but the most surprising thing was the denoument to the series of gags as Mickey tries to get Minnie's bow back. In previous shorts, I had complained that Mickey was too "talky"; that too much was explained to the viewer. In this one, any attempt to explain Mickey as broccoli and Pluto as the radish wouldn't have worked. It was a perfect bit of absurdity and a nice finish to the whole series than for Mickey to have just said "Never mind!" Still, after a lively series of gags, the ending was pretty unsatisfactory.
From J. D. Weil : This one's is kind of predictable but still fun to watch. Could use a romantic comedy now and then.
From Tom : You just can't win. In this short Mickey's not too talkative, but instead we have a bit of pathos thrown in. But the gags were spot on. Rating: B-
From Juan F. Lara : This message short had the same moralistic tone that Mickey's Airplane Kit had, a tone that made a big contrast with Rocket Ruckus's tone. The writers seemed to be trying to be tongue-in-cheek with all those overblown details about the orphanage, but Minnie's lines just made me wince. Nearly all of the short was setup for just two scenes of Mickey trying to get the hairbow back. (FWIW I thought most of Mickey's costume changes were funny, especially the last three changes.) And this short also had a dreadful ending. One long boring scene of Minnie telling Mickey how the plot got resolved. (And about that ending, the diamond studded hairbow disappears only at the point where Mickey fesses up. How much time elapsed between the scene of Mickey and Pluto on Minnie's front porch and this scene?? And I hope Minnie had caught on when Mickey showed the bow. Else her reaction to his present would make her look really materialistic.)
From Thad Komorowski : This is an OK cartoon, considering one can easily predict the gags and ending a mile away. Funny cameo by Goofy in this one.
From Aja Ramos : Yawn. These Mickey Mouse cartoons are really formulac. Let's hope this isn't all that they're going to do to Mickey Mouse. With that said I didn't find anything spectacular in this short. And I nearly hurled at the ending. Overall : D+

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