Donald's Valentine Dollar

A Donald Duck Cartoon

Release Date : May 29, 1999


It's Valentine's Day, but Donald can only afford a "$1.00" box of candy for Daisy's present. Unfortunately, his dollar bill blows away on a gust of wind and into a kite-flying park. Donald straps on a kite to make a set of wings and takes to the sky, battling other kites, stormy winds and his pesky, playful dollar-bill before he emerges victorious.


Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Donald Duck
Daisy Duck
Huey, Dewey and Louie



United States
Disney Treasures : Wave 8 : The Chronological Donald Volume 4


Mickey Mouse Works: Season 2 - Episode 13
Mickey Mouse Works: Season 1 - Episode 5
House of Mouse: Season 1 - Episode 4

Technical Specification


From Patrick Malone : This was the high point of the episode for me. The classical piece it is based on; "Rage Over a Lost Penny" (Rondo a Capppricio in G major) by Beethoven, has always been one of my favorites and here it is put to excellent use. It is played fairly straight, with just a few Spike Jones "tinker-toy" touches here and there. Listen to the music also when Mickey and Minnie make their cameo; it swings into Mickey's theme song for two bars and then back again. (BTW, was that supposed to be Humphrey the Bear making a cameo? I hope not as it looks nothing like him, although it was nice to see Bert, the Gas Station attendant back again.) Some of the gags were predictable, but the short has such an emotionally satisfying ending (even more so than a similar ending in Mickey's New Car) that it's easy to forgive pretty much anything.
From J. D. Weil : This is a good visual complement to the Beethoven piece "Rage Over a Lost Penny" as Donald chases a windblown dollar bill over the countryside in order to buy Daisy a valentine. The music underscores Donald's frustration to a T.
From David Gonterman : Man, that must've really been Donald's last dollar if he went through all this trouble just to get it back. Unfortunately, he wasted too much time playing around with his nephews, otherwise he would have gotten that Box of choc . . . oh, nevermind, it was Daisy that beat him to that box. Damage to Minnie: Bondage scene with Mickey. They were in danger of ruining the short for me!