Von Drake's House of Genius : Remote Controlled Laser Lawn Mower

A Von Drake Cartoon

Release Date : June 5, 1999


When Ludwig Von Drake's latest invention rages out of control, Von Drake may be the one who ends up with a trim.



Mickey Mouse Works: Season 1 - Episode 6
House of Mouse: Season 3 - Episode 10

Technical Specification


From Rich Bellacera : Pretty much par for the course material. Cute little gags, but nothing spectacular. I'm a little confused with this segement of the series. It was my understanding that Disney was supposed to be restoring the characters to their original portrayals when they were in thier early runs. Von Drake is a professor, but wasn't he more noted for his psychology works and not so much his inventions? I recall a few comics from the early '60s portraying his inventive genius, but on TV he was always analyzing Donald and others' psyche. The job of "wacky inventor" was more typically that of Gyro Gearloose. Of course, though Gyro predates von Drake in comics, I guess he was left out of MMW 'cause he didn't appear in film until Ducktales. Even so, I don't Von Drake's film role as an inventor occurring until the even more recent series Quack Pack.
From Patrick Malone : A nice, snappy little short-short. As was mentioned before, whoever is doing Von Drake's voice has got it down to a tee. No matter what happens, I always get the giggles when I hear that voice say "Hello dere!" There does seem to be a break in the character now with Von Drake being more of an inventor than a professor, but I think in these shorts it works well. In his "Walt Disney Presents" appearances, he was more of a lecturer, which he really doesn't have the time to do in these shorts. Perhaps we'll see a comeback of the more scholarly Von Drake in the longer formats.
From J. D. Weil : Ludwig Von Drake demonstrates his remote controlled lawn mower can cut more than just grass. Hey, where can I get one of these gizmos?
From Juan F. Lara : Slightly better than Time Reverser. At least this invention worked for a brief moment (and the corny gags when the mower goes out of control were mildly amusing). But it gets wrecked just like the last invention. So there's nothing really different in this short.