Hydro Squirter

A Von Drake Cartoon

Release Date : September 18, 1999


When Von Drake has trouble with his shower, he makes some adjustments and accidentally turns it into a teleportation device. With each twist of the faucet, towel-clad Von Drake finds himself in another embarrassing situation.


Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Ludwig von Drake



Mickey Mouse Works: Season 2 - Episode 2
House of Mouse: Season 3 - Episode 13

Technical Specification


From Patrick Malone : Since I really enjoyed the "Von Drake's House of Genius" short-shorts, I expected a bit more from this one. The short-short format seems to be the best for Von Drake as this short wears out it's welcome and runs out of steam quickly. It seems to be a "House of Genius" short that got stretched out to regular length. If we had seen the transporter send Von Drake off to a few really funny locations fast and furious it might have worked. As it is, it just doesn't hang together too well.
From J. D. Weil : A "House Of Genius" short that got carried away with itself. While trying to figure out a stuck rocket countdown, Von Drake invents a hi-tech shower that also, unexpectedly, turns into a teleporter. I don't know if running this cartoon into a full length short is worth it. I feel that this short would work better as a 90 sec. piece.
From Juan F. Lara : This short was just a "House of Genius" short stretched out to five minutes. Most of that time came from the various places that Von Drake teleported his bathtub invention to (Incidentally the invention was never called a HydroSquirter.) None of the scenes that Von Drake teleported to were inspired. They had Von Drake babble on all through the short, apparently to the audience. His constant talking annoyed me, and they stuck him with some big groaners of pun jokes. ("Come back! You're not a sink! You're a tub!) And here they used the bad music from Donald's Shell Shots again.
From Lee Suggs : I have to confess, before I review this short, that I don't care for the Von Drake character. I can handle him in small doses, but I can't stand him as a main character. That being said, I still believe this is one of the worse shorts of he "MouseWorks" series. It starts with a terrible premise. (Von Drake tries to make a super shower, and instead makes a teleporter?!) Then its all downhill from here. The teleporter/shower pops from one contrived situation to the next, and finally the short just stops with one of those "This is so bad let's just end it" situations. Keep Von Drake a supporting character, he's just too irritating for a longer short.