Goofy's Extreme Sports : Wakeboarding

A Goofy Cartoon

Release Date : September 25, 1999


Goofy takes to the water to master the art of wakeboarding, but his attempts at difficult stunts leave him high and dry.





Mickey Mouse Works: Season 2 - Episode 3
House of Mouse: Season 2 - Episode 8

Technical Specification


From Patrick Malone : Did you notice how the narrarators intro is always the same except for the last line? Anyway, when last we saw him in Rock Climbing Goofy was beginning to talk back to the narrartor more; here he actually begins wrest control of the short away from him. Another list of tricks (yawn ... although I liked the "Air Tantrum" bit.) I almost expected a rehash of the surfboard scene from Hawaaian Holiday. These shorts are good enough, but they need to be expanded into complete shorts; take the list of behaviors and expand on each one a bit more. We need a new Sports Goofy for the 90's.
From J. D. Weil : As a wise old philosepher said, "It's deja vu all over again". Goofy did something like this before, in a short called Aquamania. Water skiing isn't that far removed from wakeboarding and the older short was a lot funnier. This one's just a time filler.
From Juan F. Lara : A typical short. It had only one list of stunts this time, and then it abruptly ended. I didn't find any of the sight gags in this short noteworthy. The animation was stuttery at times, like when Goofy was first getting on the wakeboard.
From Lee Suggs : This is a typical entry for this series. A good amusing premise, and then Goofy talking about what's happening, instead of doing something. I did like the bit when he crashed through the sand (Sure looked like Cinderella's castle at WDW) castle. The idea for this series has promise, I just don't think they've gotten there yet.