Donald and the Big Nut

A Donald Duck Cartoon

Release Date : October 2, 1999


Donald tries to keep Chip 'n' Dale away from his acorns. But when he accidentally spills a super-grow formula on one, a super-sized acorn is at stake. It's either the chipmunks dinner or Donald's prize at the fair.


Donald Duck
Chip 'n' Dale



United States
Disney Treasures : Wave 8 : The Chronological Donald Volume 4


Mickey Mouse Works: Season 2 - Episode 4
House of Mouse: Season 3 - Episode 15

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From Patrick Malone : The return of Chip 'n' Dale ... and about time. There's not too much difference between Chip 'n' Dale now and their previous shorts, so they appear to have survived the transition pretty much intact. Maybe they've become a little less aggressive; they don't seem to be as much trying to get revenge on Donald, who was always their best foil. But this short could have easily have been made back in the classic 40's or 50's when Chip 'n' Dale were in their prime. And the ending gag is one that Disney himself would have approved of. It fits perfectly with both the plot, their personalities, and the feeling of the classic shorts.
From J. D. Weil : Chip 'n Dale make their first appearance on the small screen since "Rescue Rangers" here and they're up to their old tricks. Donald's the yard bird cleaning up his lawn and in the process removing every bit of C&D's cafeteria. Well, this starts a chain of events that results in some plant food being split on the oak tree which produces a giant acorn. At that point an announcement comes over the radio about a contest for the biggest nut. Donald sees the acorn as a potential prize winner. Chip 'n Dale see it as lunch. Does Donald get his prize? Do C&D get their meal? Stay tuned for the ending.

This short seems to work like those old Warner Bros. Wolf and Sheep dog cartoons, where the wolf tries to get the sheep, and the sheep dog foils each attempt. Here, Donald stands guard over the giant acorn while Chip 'n Dale try to steal it from him with the result of Donald stopping them cold each time. This short works better than most in the series and the ending is one for the books too.

From Kyle Toles : I was really impressed with this short. It was funny, but I found the animation to be a little different on these two. I didn't think that they were coming on at all. I wasn't surprised that these two were fighting over an acorn. A classic Disney short of Chip 'N' Dale tormenting Donald.
From Juan F. Lara : And this short had another pair of characters that I've really wanted to see again....

The munks were back, and the makers did a good job in showing them in their classic form. The model they used for the chipmunks looked like one from the earliest cartoons. Their heads seemed smaller in proportion to their bodies than I'm used to. The short had only a few closeups on them. So it seemed a lot harder to tell them apart from appearance than it would watching a later short or a "Rescue Rangers" episode. They also acted alike in several scenes, like when they were gathering nuts from Donald's leaf blower. But the distinction between Chip and Dale was subtlety there. There were also several moments where Chip bossed Dale around, and Dale was in his own world.

IMHO this short didn't have any story idea or gag different from what I've already seen in the classic shorts. But I had to admit that I liked the munks enough to not mind. The short got interesting when the big nut appeared, as the characters now had something to go after. I especially liked the munks' attempts to break into the woodshed. For a small change the munks were the victims of failure instead of Donald. The trick the munks did to finally win was clever, and I LOL'ed at the ending.

From David Gonterman : This one really takes me back. Chip 'n' Dale fights Donald over acorns. It's a classic Disney formula. Now, if we can bring Gadget back.
From Lee Suggs : Chip and Dale are back. I like Chip and Dale because they played with my son (at Disneyland) for about 10 minutes. This short is their first appearance since the 1950's (I don't know who that was in "Rescue Rangers" but it wasn't Chip and Dale. Gadget was the best thing about that series, especially as a role model for little girls.) Here again they battle Donald over their precious acorns, and once again they get the best of him. I liked all the gags with Donald's leaf blower/vacuum. I also thought the ending to this short was very funny.

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