Von Drake's House of Genius : Teldinger

A Von Drake Cartoon

Release Date : October 23, 1999


Ludwig Von Drake's new invention has a certain ring to it - a Teledinger. Unfortunately, he discovers the invention is already in use ... and commonly known as the telephone.


Ludwig von Drake



Mickey Mouse Works: Season 2 - Episode 5
House of Mouse: Season 3 - Episode 3

Technical Specification


From Patrick Malone : Von Drake shows us a few inventions that, it turns out, have already been invented. A complete throwaway; as if the writers had an idea, but didn't really know what to do with it, but made the short anyway. And it wasn't even that good an idea to begin with. They give us a few quick attempts at humor and follow it up with an almost embarrassing ending. A total misfire.
From J. D. Weil : Von Drake's done it again! He's re-invented the telephone not to mention re-inventing the flashlight as a backup. It's sort of like taking a patent out on the wheel. This also seems to sum up the entire MouseWorks series.
From Juan F. Lara : Von Drake changed his routine by inventing a device already invented rather than an outlandish device. This routine was old as well, done by characters like Clyde Crashcop. But I was won over by the offstage appearance of apparently the director (Who played him? Corey Burton?). It was interesting to see Von Drake with his guard down whenever he talked to the director, and the director was a good straightman to Von Drake's shtick. The fourth-wall breaking made this short a lot more interesting than "House of Genius" has usually been.
From Lee Suggs : This short-short was entertaining, if not overly funny. I thought the off screen voice was well played, and the ending was amusing. Von Drake is fine in these short installments, or as a supporting character. I think he comes off poorly when he is the focus of a longer short.