Mickey and the Seagull

A Silly Symphony

Release Date : February 5, 2000


Each tugboat is the fleet is assigned a seagull from the flock. Even Mickey's, who gets a replacement when his regular one is wheelchair-bound following an accident.


Mickey Mouse



Mickey Mouse Works: Season 3 - Episode 1
Mickey Mouse Works: Season 2 - Episode 12
House of Mouse: Season 3 - Episode 9

Technical Specification


From Patrick Malone : Tony Craig had said that this one was a bit ambitious for an MMW short, and it shows. If there were concerns about where the reported one million dollars pre episode was going, this is where. Although it wasn't laugh-out-loud funny, it was quite humorous in the spirit of the older Silly Symphonies. This seems to be more of a mood piece, although it does tell a definite story, and does have some pretty funny sequences (one, for example, as the badly damaged gulls attempt to take off for the second time.) Where it shows up is in the animation; especially in the backgrounds and the storm effect near the end of the short. There are a few beautiful sequences as the tugboats come into port with the sunset and then out again with the sunrise.

Mickey here really plays second banana to the gull. And the gull plays second banana to the beautifully laid out work of the visual artists. A wonderfully entertaining short.

From Thomas Mulligan : Every time you see Mickey Mouse in this short, you might hear an accordion playing Mickey's theme. I wonder if that accordion is played from the short by Lawrence Welk accordionist, Myron Floren.
From Lee Suggs : "MouseWorks'" revivial of the "Silly Symphony" concept is a wonderful idea. The concept has produced some wonderful shorts. This is one of the best. The seagull who is afraid to fly, and clumsy to boot, is a good start. The beautiful background art is another plus. However, the "loser" saving the day is what's best about this short. This is a common Disney Theme, and when its done well it gets me every time. A joy from start to finish, and all without dialog.