Mickey's Mountain

A Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Release Date : February 26, 2000


The first person to the top of "unnamed mountain" gets to give it a name. Mickey wants to claim it in the name of Minnie, but has to race Pete to the top.


Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse


Tony Craig
Robert Gannaway
Henry Gilroy
Story Editor
Henry Gilroy


Mickey Mouse Works: Season 2 - Episode 15
House of Mouse: Season 1 - Episode 9

Technical Specification


From Patrick Malone : Another good "chase" short as Mickey tries to beat Pete to the top of a mountain. When I first say Mickey's snowmobile, I immediately though of Mickey's New Car; the styling looked the same (and I'll come back to that earlier short in a second.) One thing I've noticed that they've improved on is the continuity, and the was that earlier plot points come back to haunt the characters later on. Here we have a boxing-glove camera which gets stolen by a polar bear and comes back at Pete a little while later. The chase sequences were fairly exciting, although no new comedic ground was really broken. The only real problem I had with the short was the ending. The fact that Minnie was already at the top of the mountain via a ski-lift that had already been built seems to negate the whole purpose of the race in the first place!

A parenthetical note about Mickey's New Car and earlier plots coming back: when we last saw his new car, it had taken on a life of it's own and was zooming off across the countryside. In my opinion, it would be a hoot to see it zooming by in the background here and there to let us know it's still out there somewhere.

From J. D. Weil : This is another one where the the best part is in the chase. Mickey and Pete compete with each other in order to be the first to get to the top of an unamed mountain so one can claim the honor of naming the peak. The gags are fast and furious bordering on the Averyesque in some spots but somehow it didn't matter since this one works like a charm right up until the ending.
From Juan F. Lara : Oddly enough, this episode followed up a short where Mickey was the victim of hecklers with a short where Mickey himself was the heckler. Here he seemed to have taken lessons from Bugs Bunny, and learned them well. Like in the camera scene: Mickey set up Pete with a Bugs-Bunny like trick of asking to take Pete's picture, and Pete went along with it. (The trick camera and the polar bear later turned into great running gags that held the short together.) In that and his other tricks Mickey was always unfazed and smiling.

DYN: Corey Burton used a different voice for a narrator, making the narrator role seem fresher than usual. Goofy and his clones had some well-used cameos in the middle of the short.

I thought the racing scenes were well staged and intense. The sight gags Pete and Mickey kept changing into when they were fighting on the jet ski were funny. One of them appeared to be a reference to "Marathon Man".

From David Gonterman : Is this Mickey's Mouse Works, or the Avery Hour from Cartoon Network? It sure does look like a mix between the two as Mickey and Pete race up the mountain, with plenty of gags with the gag camera and the polar bear. The real laugh shows up with Minnie beats them both to it, sitting pretty with a picnic, thanks to the ski lift.
From Lee Suggs : Actually this should be titled "Minnie's Mountain". Mickey is racing to the top of "Unnamed Mountain" to name it for Minnie. Since its a 30,000 mountain, and this is a cartoon short, he's doing it in a snowmobile. Of course, Pete shows up to race him, and to name the mountain after himself. What follows is a wild chase with Mickey fooling Pete over and over. (Sometimes in quite nasty ways.) This is another good example of how to use Mickey as an aggressive character. In fact, he reminded me of Bugs Bunny in this short. Anyway this short has a lot of good gags, and is perfect right up to the end. The ending is kinda cute, but sort of lame too.
From Dino Cencia : When Mickey and Pete stopped to get gas from Goofy, Mickey was the first to leave and beat Pete to the top, Pete was behind getting gas. When Pete's tank was full, Pete took off fast and Goofy said: "Hey, he didn't pay!" That part was funny!
From Joe Shiziewski : In 1939, there was an unreleased cartoon called "Mountain Carvers". It would of been hilarious. The plot was that Mickey, Donald and Goofy were to carve a face on a mountain. One funny gag, was hat Donald enters singing "Heigh Ho" from Snow White" and trips in the mud. Some of the ideas may have gone into this one.

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