How to Take Care of Your Yard

A Goofy Cartoon

Release Date : March 4, 2000


Goofy learns to take care of his yard, throughout the four seasons.




Rick Schneider
Mike Moon
Steve Roberts
Story Editor
Kevin Campbell


Mickey Mouse Works: Season 2 - Episode 16
House of Mouse: Season 2 - Episode 10

Technical Specification


From Patrick Malone : This was my least favorite of this specific show. I wasn't too sure how to feel about it. There were parts I wanted to laugh at, but as a whole it just wasn't too funny. Maybe it was because they tried to cover too much ground. The short is presented in seasonal "episodes" none of which seemed to connect to the previous one, so a lot of continuity was lost. In the first sequence he plants what looks to be a vegetable garden; in the next he has a normal lawn, then in the next he has just two sunflowers. The only continuity there seemed to be was in the continued destruction of Goofy's house, which looked to be the entire point of the short. Even that part for me didn't hold together too well, but luckily for Goofy, the house did, at least.
From Juan F. Lara : This short worked a lot better than most "How To" shorts. The story was built around the four seasons. So the short felt like it was actually going somewhere, with Goofy trying to make it through one whole year. The segments were also held together by the wrecking of Goofy's trailer. Each segment ended with the trailor getting more destroyed, and the new segment began with him still fixing the damage. This thread about the trailer led to a very funny punchline at the end of the short that brought the short full circle. The jokes were run-of-the-mill (Goofy loses control of the leaf blower.) But they were different from the "How To" norm of naming off lists of sight gags.
From Lee Suggs : This shorts has its moments and it's premise is amusing. However, it is so easy to tell what's coming next, that it a little disappointing when you not surprised. They did try to be creative here, but these How to... shorts have never approached the level of the classic shorts they are based on. The classic How to.... shorts had a contrast between the serious narration and ridiculous action that may be impossible to duplicate. I think Goofy's talents could be used better elsewhere.