How to Wash Dishes

A Goofy Cartoon

Release Date : March 16, 2000


Despite the title, this short features Goofy as a travel-hound while charging everything on his new charge card. Well, maybe the title is correct after all.




Cameron Selwood
Story Editor
Kevin Campbell


Mickey Mouse Works: Season 2 - Episode 17
House of Mouse: Season 2 - Episode 8

Technical Specification


From Rich Bellacera : How to Wash Dishes, the Goofy cartoon, was fun. It had a couple of moments which I really related to. It was fun to watch the "How to..." twist from "wash dishes" to something akin to "How to use a Credit Card" or "How to take a Vacation"... I'm not totally sure which was intended, but the part I related to was Goofy's experience on the plane. I am wondering one thing, tho. In many of the Goofy cartoons there is a narrator. Who is it providing the voice talent for the Narrator? I checked the credits and am assuming it is Maurice LaMarche. Is that right?
From Juan F. Lara : No, you didn't want to see a cartoon about washing dishes. So like in How to Be a Waiter this short was about something else. But the "how to be a traveler" short didn't turn out any better. The moment the credit card appeared we all know exactly how the short would end. The short then just killed time with pointless slapstick until it reached its inevitable outcome, though it really could've ended at any time during Goofy's travels. Like with How to Wash Dishes the gags seemed uninspired.
From Lee Suggs : One of the best of the How To series it really involves Goofy going on vacation. His use of a credit card and the many sight gags make this a short that flows well. This short had great continuity. (the eventual penalty for the use of the credit card, the fish Goofy sees under the water, and the short's ending) I think this series can work as long as they keep Goofy involved in what he does best: reacting to ridiculous situations.
From Eric Lehmann : That's a funny short! My favorite part is when Goofy gets poor service on the plane, including a "bite sized dinner" and a movie - in the very back.