Domesticated Donald

A Donald Duck Cartoon

Release Date : March 16, 2000


Shelby the turtle returns as Donald is forced to serve as babysitter to the hyperactive youngster.


Donald Duck
Daisy Duck
Shelby's Mother


Kevin Hopps
Story Editor
Henry Gilroy


Mickey Mouse Works: Season 2 - Episode 17
House of Mouse: Season 3 - Episode 17

Technical Specification


From Rich Bellacera : I was delighted to see the return of that annoying brat "Li'l Shelby" and his loudmouthed mother "Mrs. Turtle" in the Donald Duck cartoon Domesticated Donald. It was fairly predictable, but enjoyable enough. I knew I recognized Mrs. Turtle's voice to be Estelle Harris! Now Shelby's laugh is what I can't determine. It is either Jeff Bennett or Corey Burton.
From Juan F. Lara : I liked Donald's Shell Shots when I first saw that cartoon. But I liked that short less and less the more times I rewatched it. Now they brought back Shelby for this short, and by now I couldn't stand more than a few seconds of that obnoxious kid and his annoying laugh. Shelby was just obnoxious, and so there wasn't anything interesting about the battles of wills between him and Donald.
From Lee Suggs : Another short with Donald interacting with little Shelby the turtle. ( Donald's Shell Shots in season one being the other) This one is fun, but not as well paced as the first short. It is fun seeing Shelby get the best of Donald over and over, and Shelby has a great laugh. However, this short just seems forced to me, and the ending is fairly weak. Still the short's concept and sight gags make it amusing to watch.
From Rohan : I love the part when Daisy caught Donald with his "Gametoy" (a Disney version of the Nintendo Gameboy). Li'l Shelby loves the Gametoy. Donald has a punishing career as a babysitter. Daisy takes the money back from Donald as a payback for the Gametoy.