Whitewater Donald

A Donald Duck Cartoon

Release Date : September 16, 2000


Donald tries to go fishing, taking Daisy along, who is under the impression that they are going on a romantic date.


Donald Duck
Daisy Duck


Tony Craig
Robert Gannaway
Henry Gilroy
Story Editor
Tracey Berna


Mickey Mouse Works: Season 3 - Episode 2
House of Mouse: Season 1 - Episode 11

Technical Specification


From Lee Suggs : This is a fun short that suffers from poor transitions. It just doesn't seem to flow very well. Donald is going fishing when Daisy reminds him that he promised her a special day together. Donald, of course, tries to have it both ways. What occurs is that his attempts to fish are futile, but that somehow he succeeds at keeping Daisy happy. This short has a lot of good gags- fish jumping everywhere, the signs before the rapids, Goofy taking pictures as Donald and Daisy go down a waterfall (just like Splash Mountain!), and a clever ending. However, it has a very choppy feel, as if the animators weren't sure how to move from one scene to the next. It also seems like they haven't got Daisy's personality down yet. She is selfish here, as she has been in other shorts, but not really mean. All in all, fun to watch, but not as well done as it could have been.
From Juan F. Lara : Donald got in his predicament by screwing up a promise he made to Daisy. So I enjoyed seeing the hassles he went through (particularly all those fish teasing him) as he had them coming to him. Daisy's voice and mannerisms still could get really grating. But they weren't so bad here as in other shorts as she was in the right because of that promise. And it was fun to see Daisy having such a good time at all that they went through.

This short concentrated on three gag sequences (the fish that Donald caught, the rapids, and the waterfall) that I thought benefitted from all the time spent on each. I particularly enjoyed the waterfall scene. That was an inside reference that seemed to be modeled on the theme parks' Splash Mountain ride. I could see why Daisy was having such a fun time. That tree and patch of ground turned out to have a purpose in the end.

This short though was hurt by sloppy animation in scenes like the rapids scenes. The animation tended to mess up the short's pacing.