Mickey's Cabin

A Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Release Date : September 23, 2000


Mickey is snowbound with Pete and his cousin Zeke who have stolen an ATM machine.


Mickey Mouse


Tracey Berna
Jymn Magon
Story Editor
Henry Gilroy


Mickey Mouse Works: Season 3 - Episode 3
House of Mouse: Season 1 - Episode 7

Technical Specification


From Lee Suggs : This a good short, but nothing special. Mickey goes to his cabin in the woods during a snowstorm. Pete turns up, apparently lost in the snow. Mickey saves Pete and defrosts him by the fire. Pete, instead of being grateful, throws Mickey to his cousin Zeke (a new character, he looks like a hillbilly Pete) who ties Mickey to a chair. It turns out that Pete and Zeke have stolen an ATM machine, and need a remote cabin to bust it open. Mickey decides to teach these large, but very dense thieves a lesson. Using his wits he turns the cousins against each others. There are some nice gags here, and it good to see Mickey using his brain to defeat brawn. However, Pete and Zeke are just too dumb to be believed. Pete has always been slow, but this is ridiculous. Still it is a Mickey Mouse short, and it ends well.
From Juan F. Lara : The most interesting and entertaining short in this episode. This short came off as a follow-up to Mickey's Mountain in that it cast Mickey as a heckler again. The short was a series of scenes of Mickey using his own cunning to manipulate the two lummoxes Pete and Zeke, two guys who were physically dangerous but really dumb. This scenario worked for me in that I thought most of the lines they wrote for Mickey were clever. I also liked Mickey's characterization. He stayed calm and self-assured through the whole short, but he never went as far as to sound smug. The short also used Pete and Zeke for some funny sight gags. I loved the watercolors of them showing how they kept themselves awake all night, for instance.

Odd that in these shorts Mickey never recognizes Pete but Pete always knows who Mickey Mouse is.

From Aaron : This cartoon is mostly just a let me teach these 2 idiots named Pete and Zeke a lesson cartoon And that is all. This cartoon is HORRIBLE I couldn't really warm up to the plot. Why is Pete in so many cartoons? And is Mickey really that stupid to trust Pete getting stranded in a blizzard? This episode doesn't match up to Double Date Donald and Pinball Mickey. Mickey's Cabin is a cliffhanger and boring. Which is a TRUE fact. Is that the best they could come up with Mickey? Just outsmarting a couple of nitwits? GIMMEABREAK! And who is ZEKE anyway? Pete's cousin? Where has he been all these years? This cartoon is worth missing.