Donald's Pool

A Donald Duck Cartoon

Release Date : October 7, 2000


Donald's relaxing day by the pool is crashed by Mrs. Turtle, who only wants to sunbathe and Shelby who as usual, only wants to cause trouble.


Donald Duck
Shelby's Mother


Rick Schneider
Mike Moon
Elizabeth Stonecipher
Story Editor
Thomas Hart


Mickey Mouse Works: Season 3 - Episode 5
House of Mouse: Season 3 - Episode 1
House of Mouse: Season 2 - Episode 9

Technical Specification


From Lee Suggs : A great short that begins with a great series of visual puns, (Don't horse around, No Chicken Fights, quit Dog paddling; guess who provides the examples for each of these commands.) Of course, Donald's day is messed up by the appearance of Baby Shelby and his very loud mother. (She knocks Donald around several times with her voice.) She is at the pool to sunbathe (not a pretty sight) and wants Donald to keep Shelby in the wading pool. Shelby, of course, has no intention of staying away from the big pool. This causes a hilarious series of gags in which Donald, the most part, is successful in keeping Shelby out of the deep end. All kinds of throw away gags here, from references to Disney movies to a letter from Shelby read in a stuffy English voice to a scene that resembles one of the Roger Rabbit shorts. I'm surprised they let Donald be the victor in much of this short since he usually the butt of most jokes. Even when he loses in the end, it works out for him (sorta.)
From Juan F. Lara : Donald chased after another adversary that mocked him all the time. Just like the Aracuan bird. Putting this short and Bird Brained Donald in the same episode emphasized how formulaic the "Donald Duck" shorts of this series can be. Unlike the Aracuan bird, though, baby Shelby's mocking came off as mean-spirited. Shelby was this little kid who didn't know better in Donald's Shell Shots, but here in gags like the note he left Donald he's purposely being a jerk. Shelby's especially unsympathetic because Donald's trying to keep him from drowning (a turtle who can't swim, O.K...) The short ended with an unsatisfying deus ex machina that kept Donald from getting into trouble.