Donald's Charmed Date

A Donald Duck Cartoon

Release Date : January 27, 2001

Running Time : 4:57


Donald's bad luck is put to the test during a trip to an amusement park with Daisy.


Donald Duck
Daisy Duck


Brian Swenlin
Story Editor
Thomas Hart


United States
Disney Treasures : Wave 8 : The Chronological Donald Volume 4


House of Mouse: Season 1 - Episode 2

Technical Specification


From Juan F. Lara : The premise was that Donald got jinxed with a streak of bad luck. That was the excuse to do lots of nasty stuff to Donald. First they took their leisurely time on that long sequences of wrecks from the rollercoaster to the shooting gallery to the bumper cars and more. I thought the short was over when Daisy changed her mind about luck. But then the makers put Donald through ANOTHER gauntlet of violently bad luck. They made the Haunted House ride worth the while by drawing the inside in the same gruesome style as was scene in Donald's Halloween Scare. I especially loved the black cat robot.
From Aja Ramos : One of the best MMW cartoons! I could really relate to the bad luck plothread. And I got a really good laugh out of Donald's crashing and all the nasty stuff happening to him! Hilarious! The Haunted House ride was also very enjoyable. Perhaps because of the bad luck and the clash of the lightning!