Big House Mickey

A Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Release Date : March 17, 2001


Mortimer frames Mickey and get's him sent to jail in order to make his own way clear to a date with Minnie.


Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Mortimer Mouse


Kevin Campbell


House of Mouse: Season 1 - Episode 9

Technical Specification


From Lee Suggs : A fabulous short! Mickey is taking Minnie to dinner, and Mortimer wants to take his place. So he tricks Mickey into "breaking into" his house and stealing Mickey's own baseball. Great scenes with Chief O'Mallery and Pete as a judge, and Mortimer's video of Mickey commiting the crime is priceless. (Mortimer looks REALLY bad pretending to be Mickey.) Mickey ends up in jail and must escape to keep his dinner date. He calls Goofy, (because he can't understand Donald :o) which somehow results in his escape. (A new character is introduced here, Policeman Pig, who is even denser than Goofy.) Mortimer still gets to Minnie first, but then is arrested. It turns out that Mickey's name is on "Mortimer's" baseball. A great short from start to finish. Mortimer makes a great adversary for my favorite Mouse.
From Juan F. Lara : This short was deliberately written to be weird. Mortimer could get Mickey convicted in court and make a whole video framing him for burglary all in one afternoon. But moreso was the guard, who helped teach Goofy and Mickey on how to break out of prison. No reason given why he does it. He just did that. That strange behavior came off as gratuitously weird. I laughed at Mortimer's video and the atypical casting of Pete. But mostly I just went "huh" at this short's strangeness.

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