Mickey and the Color Caper

A Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Release Date : January 26, 2002


Mickey, Donald and Goofy chase after the Phantom Blot who is attempting to steal all the world's color to become The Rainbow Blot.


Minnie Mouse
Donald Duck


Jymn Magon
Story Editor
Henry Gilroy


House of Mouse: Season 2 - Episode 9

Technical Specification


From Lee Suggs : We open with the always adorable Minnie peacefully sleeping in her always adorable house. She is awakened by a strange sound that causes the color to drain from her face. (And, actually from everything else.) The next morning she shows up at Mickey, Donald, and Goofy's Lost and Found Agency; screaming that she's been turned into something out of 1931! It turns out that the Phantom Blot is stealing all of the world's color to make himself into the RAINBOW BLOT! Mickey, Donald, and Goofy rush out to stop him and end up decolorized themselves. Fortunately they find the Blot's hideout,(helpfully listed in the phone book and arrive just as the Blot makes his transformation. Mickey and Donald try to force the Blot to return everyone's and everything's colors; but manage only to get themselves transformed into rather odd colors. (I'm not sure why this is lethal. Goofy panics because the Blot's "winning" and accidentally falls onto the REVERSE switch. This returns everyone's colors, if in slightly different combinations. With the Blot foiled, all that remains is to clean up his mess. The Terrific Three quickly get this done; if you don't count a certain Duck's rather feminine clothing.

This cartoon was amusing and I enjoyed the clever mixture of color and black and white characters. I didn't like it as well as Mickey Foils the Phantom Blot, but perhaps that's because Mickey and the Blot's first meeting is my favorite "MouseWorks" cartoon.

From Juan F. Lara : The Phantom Blot was stealing colors? Because he didn't want to be black anymore? This idea seemed a lot better for a Roger Rabbit cartoon than an MMW short. The Blot had his plan to steal colors, and he also had an ink bottle shaped hideout with a huge door marked "secret entrance". So I thought of these characters as toons more than anything else, and I don't think that's right for the MMW cast members. The Blot's plan felt small compared to his world domination schemes. Here he had issues with his parents and was making up for some inadequacy. I wondered if the comic book Blot would ever act like that.

The trio ran for their lives from the Blot's beams. But those beams just colored you in weird colors. I also wondered why Mickey looked so scared when the Blot had that color stealing gun aimed at him. What was the big deal?

Still, I loved seeing the Blot in the crowd at the end.