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A Laugh-o-Gram Cartoon

Release Date : December 6, 1922

Running Time : 7:23


The traditional story with Cinderella as a 1920's flapper.


Walt Disney
Walt Disney
Rudolph Ising
Hugh Harman
Carmen "Max" Maxwell
Lorey Tague
Otto Walliman
Ub Iwerks


Based on the story "Cinderella"


United States
Cinderella (2 Disc Special Edition)
Disney's Laugh-O-Grams
The Legendary Laugh-O-Gram Fairy Tales
Cinderella (2 Disc Special Edition)
Cinderella (2 Disc Special Edition)
Cinderella (2 Disc Special Edition)
United Kingdom
Cinderella (2 Disc Special Edition)


United States
Beauty and the Beast : 3 Disc Blue Ray + DVD Combo Pack

Technical Specification

Color Type: Black & White
Animation Type: Standard animation
Sound Mix: Silent
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Negative Format: 35mm
Print Format: 35mm
Cinematographic Process: Spherical
Original Language: English

Released by The Laugh-O-Gram Company


From Per Nilsson : It was great fun to see the original version of a Cinderella. The setting for this cartoon is the 20's in America, not some fairytale country that was used in the later version. The people dress in typical clothes for that time and live in normal houses, even the prince.

This short have a good plot which I believe is not so common in cartoons from this age. Of course there is a lot of 'cycles' used but it doesn't matter so much. And doesn't the prince resemble Walt a lot?

Here is a short summary:

The first scene is showing Cinderella washing the dishes with 'her only friend the cat'.

Next there is a view of her lazy stepsisters, one tall and thin and one short and fat. But none is very ugly.

And then a switch to the prince, who is chasing a bear. He riding on a horse or a donkey, perhaps a horse with long ears? (The chase goes on for a rather long time, considering that the prince doesn't normally get so much attention.) The prince stumbles on a group of a bears and follows them into a cave and after a while comes out pulling them all tied together on a string!

Next comes the invitation to the ball, The ball will be held on Friday the 13th! The prince and his dog packs all the invitation letters. The dog delivers all the letters 'paperboy style' riding a bicycle.

On the ball night, Cinderella's sisters inform her they will go but she can not come. When Cinderella sits down to sulk, the fairy godmother pops out. She dresses her up in a typical 1920's clothes and provides a car for her. (Still indoors!)

Next scene the prince is dancing with the fat sister, he's really not enjoying it! When he finds Cinderella he proclaim love at first sight! The dancing continues and even the cat and the dog is dancing.

The prince and Cinderella is enjoying themselves, when she discovers the time is almost midnight. She rushes away and drops one shoe. The shoe knocks down the prince.

Next morning the prince is following the some tracks, but they turn out to be made by a duck!

Later on, the sisters are discussing the ball, and saying that the mysterious girl had a wonderful dress. Then comes the prince, and he wants the sisters to try out the shoe he found. Not so surprisingly it fits Cinderella and they live happily ever after!

From Ryan : I really enjoy this updated version of the old fairy tale. The animation is a little primitive, but this is of course the early 20's and I believe this short was animated by Walt himself, who was a rather poor animator. Disney was to make the famous animated movie about 30 years later.
From Margos : I saw this short on YouTube recently. I don't know, it was charming in a way but there was just something about it that was extremely bizarre. Although I did find it sort of funny that it said "There was a prince who was a wonderful fellow," and then simply cut to a (rather over-long, but somewhat amusing) sequence of him trying to kill a bear.

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